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Happy Thoughts, [ .. ]

by i³ Lab. (Tatiang JS Suh & zN ozoono)
Co-authors: Jin-Sun Seo

‘Happy Thoughts’ is a new kind of playful sketchbook for around 6 to 10 year old children.
It is important to develop the ability for creativity and rememberance to the children who are starting developing more extensive knowledge and deeper thinking. At this point, drawing can play a radical role in developing their creativity. ‘Happy Thoughts’ is based on drawing, playing, studying, and communicating.

‘Happy Thoughts’ is similar to a wizard book which provides children with a place to recall lovely memories through illusory effects created by sunlight. As it fills with drawings, it functions as through an association. When the children open this book, they can dream and revisit their happy memories and feelings as Peter Pan thinks of a wonderful thing for flying.

This sketchbook-like toy does not involve difficult technical processes. It simply consists of a clear film, mirror acrylic, and white board. Through the mirror board, it reflects light, and the illusory scenes appear onto a ceiling, floor, wall, or object. Unlike a paper-based sketchbook, it can be easily reused. So, it does not produce unnecessary pieces of paper.

‘Happy Thoughts’ can improve children’s creative thinking now without any electronic technology. Kids can create, modify, and merge using techniques like digital graphic software. In addition to, it allows kids to communicate and play all together with their own reflected drawings similar to multiplayer games. Depending on their activities, drawn images appear and move in the space through the reflected sunlight. So they can share and enjoy an imaginary space with their parents and friends.

It is a learning process related to art, science and society. They can see illusory drawn images that they dream and imagine by interplaying with nature rather than a computer screen.