Child’s Play

Competition Details

“The cotton candy tree”

by Clara Surro

The project is based on the principle that every child should have a place to refugee. The forest, a house on a tree, a secret corner have always represented the symbols and the points of reference of any child.

My idea can be developed in any location that provides a gaming space for children.

This place is made up of:

1) A 2 meters tall tree realized with a leading structure made of fire-resistant wood or metal, covered with soft resin. All that will be touched by children will be realized with fire-resistant, soft and plastic material (included drawers, whereas they will be needed).
2) Drawers, small doors and little holes will be designed on the surface of the tree, in order to allow children to hide stuffed animals, games or simply to exercise their memory and stimulate their sense of proportions and space.
3) There will be larger holes at the bottom of the tree in order to let children enter the tree. The interior walls will be always realized in soft material in order to protect children.
4) The leaves will be made up of soft and round materials (always fire-resistant and non toxic).
5) Decorative elements (mushrooms, flowers, tree trunks) realized in polyester or soft resin, will be placed below the tree and will be used as chairs and tables.
6) All the elements will be placed on a colored, soft and water-proof carpet (so that it will be easy to disinfect it), which will perfectly frame the gaming space.