Child’s Play

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by Johanna Kiss and Shlomi Friedman
Co-authors: Johanna Kiss, Shlomi Friedman

Using everyday "clean garbage" to create a personal a Outdoor Play-Space

The Bacbucon project in cooperation with Messila Help-organisation in Tel Aviv, started from a point of view, that children are deserved basic things wherever they live, regardless to where they came from.

As Industrial Design Students at Holon Institute of Technology - Israel, with the guidance of our teacher Adital Ela , we were assigned to a kindergarden of foreign workers´ children. We observed and studied the local human situation, and got involved in the life of the kindergarden

Our project, BACBUCON gives children (from the age of 3) free play possibilities and an opportunity to think about re-use values (the children can participate with their own bottles from home). In early ages through the first steps of playing, children understand the connections. Later through playing they experience and learn to create structures. They have the opportunity to build a completely new shape every time and the structures are always open ended.

"If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things" (Norman Douglas)