Child’s Play

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by roberta daglia

Psychomotricity path for children between 3 and 6 years old. Studied for the preschool's hall.
For preschoolers is very important to gain a good knowledge of their body.
This path teach how to walk, jump over and under ostacles, climb and slide.
The modular design permit to configurate any combination and to create your "forest" at school, but at home too.
Inside the stalks an iron spiral make the children protagonists of their "fairyland"; they can configurate the stalks as they want.
Above the stalks there are "fruits" that have different colors and sounds; "Fruits" are rough and hard to counterpose to the smooth, green and soft polyurethane.
"Fruits" are easily attached to the stalka by a magnet; that make children ables to connect or disconnect "fruits" as they want.
In this path there are many sensorial stimuluses to contribute to the correct growth of children.