Child’s Play

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by jasmina fercek
Co-authors: Tjaša Bavcon, Katja Burger

Squareplay is tactile, changable playground for children (from 1 to 18) and parents. It could be used at home or outside it.
It's didactic tool, empiric object, object of entertainment, creation, relaxation.
Quadratic shape is free of any association - what stimulates the child’s imagination, creative thinking and investigation. Child becomes his own creator of playground. He becomes conscious of his body in relation to space and the ability of changing it. Child could learn space conception even by watching others playing with it. So, Squareplay could be useful for physically handicappt children. The adults (by using it) could reinvent the play as way of entertaining, relaxing, creating, working - actually living.

Squareplay is sociable object. It teaches us how to play and spend free time together on a new, creative, pleasurable way. It doesn't matter, who is using it (parent and child, teenagers, a couple, whole family), the quality of living together is important value.

Squareplay teaches us how to re-connect with nature - it opens new possibilities of being in nature: sleeping under sky, meditating near see, massaging each other, “camping” in park.
On the other side, it reminds us, how nice it is to touch and to be touched. It evokes old memories about being inside soft, flexible, embracing womb.
Experience with Squareplay evokes different pleasurable emotions and in the same time it activates us phisicaly and mentaly.

Squareplay is square (150x150cm). It's double-layered. Body can slip into it through the rift-like opening. Adult body can be stretched inside with head looking out of the opening. Layers are connected together with welded seams.
Structure of material is made by coating/lamination technology. Surface material (micro-fiber), material in-between (polyurethane foam) and inner-side material (lycra) are incorporated together. Function of material: waterproof, easy-drying, stain-release, light-weight, stretch-ability, breathable, high moisture permeability.