Child’s Play

Competition Details


by gerardo mari

Fauna is a construction game set made of wood for children from 7 to 11 years old. Many different animals can be made with the same few pieces, allowing to make from a horse to a bird, even dinosaurs or fantastic characters. The only limit is children’s imagination.

It was designed to stimulate and develop children’s imagination and creativity, contributing to their cognitive and emotional development. It also helps to understand spatial concepts and develops manual abilities.

The children would be given a scheme of what animals can be created, but not how to make them, in order to make the children find out the solution because there is more than one way to make any figure, allowing the children to explore the possibilities of the pieces and the joints.

The pieces allow different uses by positioning them in different ways. They are made in abstract shapes in order to let children figure out the possibilities of each piece and let the their imagination flow.

The joints of the pieces are made by simple cuts, where the pieces fit. They allow length regulations and movement.

It has 5 different parts made of pine wood, 10 different parts cut from a 3 mm plywood sheet and 4 different accessories cut from a 0.5 mm PP plastic sheet. The simplicity of the pieces fits both industrial and handcraft production at a low cost.

The wood has not any treatment making the pieces non toxic. Also the children is in direct contact with the qualities of wood and its neutral aspect does not condition imagination.

Playing with Fauna, children would improve their knowledge of nature and they would learn to respect it. Finally children will feel proud of playing with the animal toys they created.