Child’s Play

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magic square

by ozge kayim

It is a child's play based on modularity for children of 9 years or elder. It aims to give oppurtunity to play 'XOX and game of checkers' in different ways.

The main module is a square which is made of transparent plastic material and there are 6 of them.

1-Children can use those squares and have a board to play game of checkers or XOX game. But the difference is they can organize the way to move. They design the board decide the rules and how to arrange the checkers.
2- Or it is possible to have a big dice with the squares and play XOX game with a big dice in 3-D. There are 8 triangle shaped joints to have a big cube with 6 squares.It gives chance to play a game like XOX on 6 different small board at the same time.

The squares of transparent material has a space inside that gives chance to change the graphics. There are different graphic cards to put inside so children can decide the graphic they want. It is also possible to renew the graphics like which is popular. For example the graphics with spider-man or like a football field or something like undersea...