Child’s Play

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Mr. Big Blocks

by Hyun juong Lee

Preschool children learn by doing. They like drawing, painting, and building. Some preschoolers chatter constantly, some run and play incessantly and some sing, dance and perform, basking in the glow of attention.
"Mr. Big Blocks" offers preschool age children various and exciting place to play. It is a soft, light and simple construction toy using fabric materials. With piling up big blocks, preschoolers can create new and variable space. It will give the big creative idea to endlessly fuel a kid’s imagination. Also, this age group is keen on physical play, too. With rolling, kicking and throwing the "Mr. Big Blocks" allows children to exercise, building strong bones and muscles and aiding in physical fitness.
"Mr. Big Blocks" invite preschool boys and girls to create and use their imaginations. They start many play times with "Let's pretend" and "Mr. Big Blocks" encourage this. With using a base plate and various blocks, they can experience fantasy play for intellectual development and social development. For instance, a girl who dreams of becoming a singer is able to build a stage using those blocks, and then she will perform her own stage. Also, children can make a imaginary school together and enjoy role-playing, pretending to be a teacher, student and principal. Besides, "Mr. Big Blocks" is available as a hide-away tent, playhouse, bus, space shuttle and cage at the zoo.
When "Mr. Big Blocks" have been outgrown or are no longer wanted to kids, it could be reused any other furniture. It will be piled up and function as a bed, sofa and table for adults.