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Cubicart Rolling Board

by Daniela jourdain

Keep the coloring and creativity rolling with the Cubicart Rolling Board that helps you develop your imagination, concentration and fine motricity. The Cubicart Rolling Board comes with different color cards made of pieces of cardboard! Create a picture without the worry of making a mess. This unique design allows kids and adults to take color with them and create wonderful pictures. This set contains an 80 pieces page made up of see through rectangles in which you can introduce 8 different color cards and create wonderful designs. Once you have introduced the cards roll out your picture and enjoy your amazing design. Enjoy hours of fun using already made pictures or make your unique designs to enhance originality. Once you want to change your picture take out the color cards and start all over again. You can also use the puzzle pages and use the board as a vertical holder. The Cubicart Rolling Board can be used indefinitely. You can also make your own creations printing your pictures in the special cardboards included in the Cubicart Rolling Board and using it as an original frame. This way the Cubicart Rolling Board can be your favorite companion all through your life. Its materials are recyclable and do not harm the ecosystem. It is manual and doesn’t need batteries.

The Cubicart Rolling Board includes small boxes to store the color cards and keep them organized to help you maintain everything in place.

This set contains: 1 easy to carry wood board, 80 see through rectangles, a set of 8 different colors cards, 3 stencils, 3 puzzle pages, and 3 picture cardboards.
Recommended Age: 5 years and up