Child’s Play

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Puzzle Blocks

by Michael Koch

Puzzle Blocks

Target Age: 2-5 year olds
Size: about 6” x 6” x 6”
Material: painted and clear finished bamboo

These Puzzle Blocks are a new kind of blocks which stimulate open ended play for young toddlers. Like traditional blocks, these brightly colored pained wood blocks will stimulate safe play and allow a youngster’s imagination to soar. Unlike traditional blocks, these blocks are L shaped and fit into their box like a puzzle.

At a young age, these odd shapes will challenge the child to stack in unique ways, and learn the basics of gravity and even the concept of “center of gravity”. Notice the unique stacking patterns developed with the shapes. The primary colors suggest other symmetries to the child, and will aid in the

At an older age, when other block sets have become boring, this unique set will have a staying power with the child, as they learn to solve the puzzle of putting them back in the box. There is not just one solution, but many ways to solve the puzzle, all challenging the child’s spatial abilities.

The blocks are durable and are intended to be passed through a family, unlike throw away toys. The box container is durable and eliminates the need for extra packaging to transport and sell the blocks. The box and blocks are made of a rugged and renewable wood: bamboo, painted with a child safe durable paint.