Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Barro de Gast

Yo’play is a simple yogurt packaging that doubles as a modular construction toy.
Children are educated to ‘collect and reuse’ instead of ‘waste’. By stimulating reuse at this early age, they will hopefully look for, and apply the same concept throughout life (or at least question the existence of products that don’t offer this possibility)

The pots fit together in different ways to create hollow, light weight, 3D shapes and figures. The creations can be disassembled, modified, extended, filled, and crashed, to be recreated over and over again.

The design works on two educational levels -
The younger children (age 2-4) will simply connect the pots in a linear manner, put things inside – play appear and disappear ! make a multicoloured worm, a rattler, etc.
The older age group (5-9) will create more complicated creatures and objects as their 3D insight and puzzling capacity increases. Smaller figures such as dogs, airplanes, dolls can be created to play in larger constructions such as castles, houses, etc

The Pots are to be sold with ‘graphical illustrations’ to stimulate the initial investigation, to have a simple objective to achieve and to show some of the creative possibilities. Sticker sets can be included to enrich the appearance of the creations, to launch new collectable themes, and to satisfy the different sex/age groups.
Naturally the child can always decorate, draw, and personalize his own creations !

The pot design is made to adhere to the most traditional (cost-effective) thermo (vacuum) form production lines. The pots themselves are made of P.S. (monomaterial, fully recyclable). Pot Forming, filling and sealing are all done in the traditional manner. The ‘uniqueness’ lies in the ‘perforation’. No complicated moulds, or expensive production techniques, the simple die-cut perforation creates the ‘puzzle connections’, the heart of the design.