Child’s Play

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by nadia burguete

There are a lot of toys in the market, technology is an important part of them, video games, different programs on TV, even Internet are now part of children’s life, forgetting traditional games or the simplest toys, many kids don’t want to go out and play on the streets or in a park and play with the first thing that pass in front of them.

Children’s education becomes essential in their relationships when they grow old, and in a world where consume, pollution, ignorance and violence is breaking down the balance that the nature gave us we need that the children’s realize that there’s a world outside, that there are many simple things to play with and there are no limits to play and have fun all day without being sit in front of the TV or next to a toy that kills their creativity.

With this toy the children’s can play joining ball to create what ever they can imagine, or play individually with a ball and invent new games. There’s a cycle of life in the nature, also in this toy when each ball reach its maximum resistance it breaks in two and inside there are different seeds that the kids can throw away or let them be part of their games and if they casually or by purpose arrive to the ground the kid maybe had the experience to see that something new grows in front of them. When the toy start dying there is no problem to throw it away because of its materials it won’t take long for it to disappear but with the seeds new life can start.