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m blocs

by harry hasson

M Blocs are designed specifically to develop with the child as they grow up. They have a much longer lifespan than most toys, so reduce the need for new toys every few months.
Throughout the toy’s lifespan, the Blocs will always offer an educational element. For a two year old, the Blocs are an excellent introduction into the basics of building and balance. They are brightly coloured, and shaped in a way that will help young children to build small towers.
As the child grows older, their structures will become larger and more complex, and they can even start thinking about colour coding. For a child of four and above, the Blocs then take on a whole new function: they are the building blocks for a marble run. Each colour coded Bloc has an internal track, which when linked together in a certain way, will create a larger track for marbles to roll down. The Blocs and tracks are created using the process of internal gas injection moulding, which means no waste material, and are moulded to a specific size that will allow an average marble to roll down freely, but not loosely.
Again, as the child grows older, they learn even more about which combinations of Blocs work best, which colours go together, and how internal runs link together. The small amount of translucency in the material allows them to work out which Blocs need to be linked together.
From any age of use, the parent’s input will always be important. Every time that the child has mastered a stage of the toy, the parent can introduce them to the next stage.