Child’s Play

Competition Details

Changos! is a game consisting of a wood ladder, 16 bean-filled monkeys and three dices. The idea is that it works as a boardgame, but instead of a board, it has a ladder with 12 steps, each of them divided into 3 squares. The monkeys work as the tiles. There are 4 different monkey color, and 4 monkeys of each color. One of the dices shows colors, the other one, minus and plus signs and the other one, numbers. The idea is that children create their own board game using these objects. The complexity of the game raises as the abilities of the child increase.
The materials are all 100% recyclable: wood, fabric and beans. And the ladder is designed to stack books or DVDs when it is no longer used as a game.
Some examples of the games that can be played with changos! are:
Children stand 1 meter away from ladder, take turns tossing the monkeys, if someone gets the three monkeys in the ladder, everyone else runs and the player picks the monkeys up and shouts MONKEYYOU! Everybody stops running. The player now tosses the monkeys to the other players, if he hits another player, the 'monkeyed' player gets a spot.
Each player picks a color. Each turn consists of throwing three dices. The color dice indicates which color of monkey will move. The number dice will say how many steps the monkey will move on the ladder. The sign dice tells if the monkey will go up or down the ladder. When a monkey gets to the top of the ladder, that monkey can not be moved. When a player has the four monkeys of the color he chose on the top of the ladder he wins.
Same rules as Parcheesi.