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Savanna game!

by Rosalia Vega

The savanna game was created for children from three to six years. The forms and the use of bright colors are meant to appeal the kids and make it comfortable to play with.
The game’s purpose is to associate concepts while the kids play; in this case, it’s about how the animals in the savanna look like, what they eat and where do they live.
The main game works these way, first, they have to put together the boxes to create the environment; then, they have to take the animals out thru a small button, (this will make them jump out of the box); and finally, the kid put the animal back to the box where it belongs (there is a sticker on the box that shows what the animal usually eat). By this, the kid learns about the animals and it creates interest and affection for them.
Besides all this, there are many things they can do with the game; they can make the animals jump from inside the boxes, they can make up games that involve distance, they can pile up the boxes, they can play only with the charismatic animals, they can put other toys inside, etc.
After one set is sold, the stickers and the animals can be easily replaced for new ones and create new worlds; like a forest, a jungle, etc.
The game responds to environmental concern through the materials; such as wood for the boxes, fabric for the open-close system, etc. In addition to that, when the kid has grown, the adult can take the stickers and the spring off and they can use the wood boxes to store other toys and things. The animals will be made of fabric, so they will not create non-recycling garbage.