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create your own fun filled 'theme' party

by Deepti Maithil Nagpal
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Create your own fun filled ‘theme’ party!
The kit includes handmade paper, paints, Paper Mache glue, paint brushes, balloons (all shapes and sizes).You can create innovative props for your party like a big piñata , wall hangings, columns ,vases , games etc etc. Use your imagination to design your space for your very special event. Let the designer in you take over to steer up new dynamics for a rocking event!

Design Philosophy
The product is targeted towards children in the age group of 9-13 yrs. It is supposed to challenge the creative side of a child’s personality. The process of designing life size props for an event with one’s owns hands can be creatively stimulating and a satisfying experience. The product aims at developing the imagination of a youngster in the age bracket of 9 to 13 years an age group which is very important in terms of cognitive development as it is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. This can provide an outlet to a child’s creativity in a playful way.
One can look at the possibility of creating theme based sets for social functions of different magnitudes. There can also be possibilities for group activities where children can combine their efforts, ideas and energies.

Paper Mache as a technique
The technique of Paper Mache can help achieve highly satisfying results of creating objects in a very short time. Paper Mache is an easy to follow technique and can be used creatively to achieve interesting results.

Getting Environmentally Conscious
Paper is a good choice from the point of view of driving home the message of environmental consciousness. We can look at the possibilities of using handmade paper as it is a trendy bio degradable alternative to other regular materials.