Child’s Play

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by Hilary Pinnington

Playscape maximizes the potential of play by fusing the elements of the natural environment with those of a more traditional playground. Through its role as both jungle gym and secret hiding space, Playscape is designed to facilitate children’s play and interaction, and is intended to enhance their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The colors, texture and hierarchy of opening sizes in Playscape help develop a child’s sense of balance, co-ordination and sensory impressions. Two elements make up the design of this structure: a curvilinear wall punctured by colorful cubes. Children engage the surface by climbing, sitting or hiding. Lower level portals allow children to pass through the surface and provide access to the interior climbing area. Plexiglass panels cap the upper level cubes in order to create safe lookout points for young explorers. The Playscape system can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments at a scale and configuration appropriate to the budget and needs of the playgroup. The flexibility of the design facilitates individual and group investigation for children between the ages of four and nine. In addition, the recycled rubber surface material is extremely safe and durable.