Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Veronica Gonzalez

The 1,2,3...project allows the kids from kindergarden and elementary school to learn the relationship between the colors and the geometric figures in a didactic way . Once it is no longer in use you can utilize it as a blackboard since you can change the position of the squares according to the necesities.
It is composed of 9 squares of a different color each one, a set of geometric figures in the same colors and lots of “X´s” and “O´s” for playing.
The figures are attached to the surface with magnets and all the parts are made of non toxic plastic. Each one of the small squares measure 30 cm , and the big one 1 m.
The kids can play, write or learn the colors and the geometric figures. Each figure is supposed to be attached to the square of the same color, in this way the kids learn to relate figure-color.