Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Oren Ziv
Co-authors: Roberto Strippoli

purpose :the product was developed for the purpose of developing creativity around geometric forms in children of 2-4 years old.

every piece of the product presents a part of a geometric,cone,sphere ecc,that can be assembled by attaching 2 or more pieces together using a magnate on the top or bottom of the piece.

by putting the pieces together in the right order and form the baby learns about the components of the the geometric form,base top ecc and their particularities.

an ulterior objective is met by teaching the child about the characters of the magnet when he feels the magnetic force that is present when putting together the pieces in the right way.

further more.yet another objective/concept may be achieved in developing the creativity of the child mixing and matching the various pieces from the various geometric forms forming a non classical geometric forms like a tube with a half a sphere head .respecting some basic principals like the outer lines .impossible to put the half sphere head over the hexagon shaped box because the outer lines are uneven (round and not).

limitations:limitations are derived from the eltromagnetic magnetic force of the magnets.
there for cannot be used by children charring any medical appliances working on batteries or
electromagnetic force like hearing aid appliances.

security:the products maintains the general form of the geometric form though its edges and borders are curved and attenuated to avoid any sharp edges or borders that are potentially dangerous.
furthermore it is made of a soft and pleasant to touch materials
material: the geometric form are made rubber/ elastic rubber the magnet is a real silver (from safety and security point of view).