Child’s Play

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by sandip paul


Ever wondered why a child resists spoon feeding? And anyone who has tried feeding a kid knows what it takes!

Children when at play tend to put things into their mouth. If it does not hurt, they would like to bite it again and again. This act is more to satisfy the irresistible propensity to bite something when the teeth are just popping up.

SPOO is an attempt to re-think the ergonomics of a feeding spoon.
Peeling down to the heart of the (sub) conscious human behavior helped me reveal the magic of effortlessness with design, creating a comprehensible, delightful and character-full product.

SPOO is perfect for both left and right-handed parents, and it's ergonomically twisted grip keeps wrists from turning. The soft tip ensures that it is safe for tender gums of the 3+ month olds.

The idea is to make the child feel familiar and comfortable with what carries the food into his/her mouth. If the child likes to play with SPOO, then it becomes much easier to feed him/her as well!

The product is a single piece injection molded component in food grade plastic.