Child’s Play

Competition Details

The Art Bot

by Matt Sears


The "Art Bot" is a radio-controlled car with the capability of attaching colored chalks and paints to the vehicle to allow the child (age 7 or older) to create drawings through the vehicle's operation. There is a compartment at the back end of the vehicle that can hold up to three large non-toxic sidewalk chalks, which essentially drag behind the vehicle during operation to create lines. At the front end of the vehicle there is a battery operated two color paint sprayer, with the paint supplied by disposable (and recyclable) pre-mixed cartridges that come in an array of colors which are non-toxic and wash away easily with water. There are two buttons on the remote control (one for each paint color) that, when pressed, cause the sprayer to shoot a one-second burst of paint. Like all RC cars, the battery can be recharged and used many times. The shell of the vehicle, along with multiple components of the product's construction, are made of recyclable plastics. The Art Bot combines the popular radio-controlled car with the activity of sidewalk painting, giving the child an opportunity to express themselves in an unconventional and entertaining way.