Child’s Play

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by Fernanda Cuellar

Printhink is a toy that focuses on the development of children´s creativity. It doesn´t perform a specific task. Kids can create their own thematic puzzle by joining different modular cubes with rubber seals of lines on their top, that don´t follow any order.

When kids arrange their artwork and feel good about it, they just have to push the cubes together so they don´t come out, put any color paint in one, two or all of them with a roller, and print.

Inside their stamp lines they can find and paint any figures with the help of their imagination. It is all up to them!

Printhink is aimed at two age groups:

Big cubes with simple lines are for kids between 4 and 6 years old. At this stage, kids like to recognize shapes, colors and sizes, and by creating their own shapes and color them, their motor and cognitive skills will be developed. Social skills can also be developed by playing with other children.

The small cubes with more complex lines are for kids between 7 and 10 years old. At this stage, children can develop their strategic, constructive, experimental and artistic skills.

A great advantage of Printhink is that it doesn´t have any limits.. Kids can arrange the pieces any way they want; they can use colors in any way they feel; they can print or just put cubes together for the sole purpose of having fun and exploring their abilities; they can stamp a group of seals or use them individually; but most important: they will always get different images and won´t get bored.

Printhink is an environmental responsible toy; besides it is made of wood and other easy recycling materials. It can be used throughout the years, because difficulty increases as kids grow.