Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Ingrid Zamora

I developed this Project thinking first of all in a game that could help children improve their creativity.
I wanted something colorful and simple but with many solving options so the user could decide; that is how my drafts developed into Aracnid.
Aracnid is a system majorely for girls from 4 years up but it can be used at any age. This is a loom that helps children’s creativity and motor capacities, plus they can also learn how to reuse old clothes by making the threads out of these. Kids can make as many figures as they want, with many colors, and fabrics they want. Once the kid has a keeper drawing, Aracnid can be hanged, and modified later as many times as wanted. Aracnid has a handle to moor threads and to help carrying it around. This makes Aracnid a prêt à porter toy.
The material I chose is environmentally friendly: for the frame I used wood leftovers and the mesh is a material produced for construction purposes, but I am giving it another use. The simplicity of its form makes it affordable, and easy to produce and purchase.
This is a toy designed for kids, but it can be used by anyone that feels like entertaining themselves enough to take the risk of Aracnid.