Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Alicja Bieda

My aim was to design a universal object for kids that wouldn't be an imitation of an adult world and wouldn't provide obvious solutions but would develop children's creativity and individuality.
"Infinite Fun” is a set of furniture for children that can be modified and build up creating various developments of space.
The set consists of four different pieces of furniture in shape of imaginary animals made of poliuretan foam (36kg/m3). Each of this four pieces consists of three identical slices joined tightly with the tubes made also of the poliuretan foam. The set includes the tubes of three different length (30, 70 and 100cm) wich gives the opportunity of joining together many elements in various configurations. If we use the long tubes we get tunnels and secret passages which create an attractive environment for children's games. The shortest tubes join the slices firmly together creating in that way four types of comfortalbe furniture. Thay can be used both as seats and tables. The element can also be placed on various sides/surfaces (because the elements are cut out of the square shape). The material from which all the element are made is safe and pleasent to touch. Its another asset is the weight so despite the size children can move it freely on their own. This gives them satisfaction of their own independence.
Colourful surfaces can be created by laying the elements horizontally on the floor and combining them together. Owning to the softness of the material, children can jump, play and also rest on this playground.
After the play is finished the elements can be put together creating the colourful square that can be placed next to the wall. It takes small space and is a nice decoration of the room.