Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Shelly Rubinstein
Co-authors: Shelly Rubinstein

The design of this toy is simple and without a specific function. It’s like a white canvass, open to each child’s interpretation and imagination. It is ready to use in any way as the child desires. Thus, the child can express himself and have fun doing whatever he or she wants with the toy.
It is a product with a concept and great meaning of revalorization behind. Its purpose is reclaiming all those values lost in today’s childhood. Its goal is to give back their childhood and innocence to the children; lost in today’s technology and cold world. Its going “back to basics”
It gives you the possibility to be anything and everything you want it to be. This toy allows you to imagine and create as much and as many times as you want. It does not end, because children’s imagination is never ending.
It is very easy to produce. It doesn’t have materials that are hard to get and the fabrication process is simple. Its oval shape is thought and analyzed thru so it could be the very best option for the toy’s function. This shape allows you to give different forms and movement, which makes the toy function in its best way possible It comes in different colors and sizes, living the choice to each one, and allowing more field of interpretation.
The materials are environmentally responsible. At the end of the toy’s life cycle, if you don not wish to keep it any more, each and every one of its components can be separated perfectly for its reutilization and recycling: the seeds (filling) can be disposed or planted, the fabric (outer part) can be disposed without damaging the environment or reused for something else, while the rubber bands can be recycled.