Child’s Play

Competition Details


by David Lightfoot

The concept of this object is to inspire children to create their own toys from simple individual units that can be easily manipulated into a limitless variety of forms.

The toy consists of two objects; corrugated tubing and a joint.

The corrugated tubing is highly flexible yet sturdy. The tubes in themselves are highly engaging. They emit a very satisfying popping/clicking sound when you manipulate them, satisfying in the same way popping plastic bubble insulation is satisfying. If you blow through the straws they whistle, the tone changes depending on how long the straw is stretched out.

The joint can be used as both a male and female joint as the tube can be either threaded through the joint or plugged onto an end.
(The joint is too large to be a choking hazard).

The plastic is durable and long lasting and in the event that it should be disposed of the plastics used can be recycled. The tubes and joints could be made in a wide variety of colours (sizes&shapes) and can be used in water, as a bath toy.

The cost of both the joint and the tube (in small quantities)
is approximately 10 cents per piece.
A $10 set consisting of 30 joints and 70 tubes would be ample.
A $1.50 set consisting of 5 joints and 10 tubes would suffice.

I coach 3-5 year olds in sports and as such I have a strong awareness of the average motor skill levels and cognitive abilities of this age group. Children in this age group would have the capabilities and interest to engage effectively with this toy. A friend’s 8 month old was also fascinated by the straw and I have seen through my own and my friends interaction with the objects that it will also interest adults.