Child’s Play

Competition Details

Abstracr shapes and familiar forms

by sophie andersson

A excavator, like on a tractor, steering wheels like on a ship, chimney like a locomotive and a roof like a little house. The idea was to make a toy with many different possible associations, but no fixed solutions, to encourages the children’s own imagination. The changeability of the toy makes it possible to portray a fabric as well as a garage. It could be a lorry, on its way across the living room floor, until it reaches the carpet, then perhaps it will be transformed in to a boat and the carpet to and endless ocean.

Age of target group is 3 to 7 years old. In this age imagination is an important part of the games, but most toys on the market today provides total and complete stories, multi product concepts with a video, a computer game, home page etc. This makes the toys interesting, but also shallow and unchallenging in a way.

The product is thought to be produces in polythene plastic, which is recyclable. The product will also be very light, witch leads to low use of fuel in the transportation.