Child’s Play

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Universe of play

by Heidi Nielsen
Co-authors: Anne Tollestrup

The product series is developed for children in the age of three to six for use in both nurseries and private homes. In this age children’s play is based on what they have seen, heard or experienced. The children play in groups where they take on different roles. By this they try out and develop their social competences by exploring right and wrong, real and unreal. Role play arises in the children’s fantasy universe. The children construct and define the limit of their fantasy universe by making for instance a den of chairs, tables, blankets, cardboard box and other things.
The concept of the series is to give the children building blocks in their own scale to create their own special universe and develop their personality and social competences.

The basic element is a table made of rotation moulded plastic. To stimulate the children’s imagination and to make a larger variety the tables can be staked and combined with a slide or a footbridge that can connect two tables. Further flags or blankets with for instance brick prints can inspire and start the play session and be used to decorate the buildings created by the children. The building blocks are assembled with a simple system which can be used by children and without any tools.
These elements form the furnishing in the playroom and give the children building blocks to explore their own universe. The elements do not prescript the children’s play and the children have to create their on type of play in an unknown universe. It is very possible that the elements will be used in unforeseen situation because the children’s imagination will be the only limit for the use.