Child’s Play

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Dot n Dot

by EunKyoung Lee


The DotnDot that made from recycled material makes it possible for children to read a fairytale using 3 more senses than usual, in addition to sight.
Children who range in age from three to seven cannot concentrate on only one thing because their attention span is very short. The printed book is limited because it only requires the sense of sight, but of course reading is very important for children because it gives them lessons in creative thinking and also materials for learning a language. If you want to children to pay attention to something, you have to stimulate their curiosities. In this sense, my product can add benefits to make reading a read the book more exciting and enjoyable.
Moreover it is also a universal design because blind children can also use it without discrimination as letters can change to Braille points. As a result, they can enjoy a book at the same time together and it can be used throughout life to record memories.


The sense of sight
- using optical fiber to show colors
The sense of touch
- the picture is expressed as an embossed carving
- basic textures can be expressed
(ex: fur, warm and cold)
- the story that can be transformed into Braille points
The sense of smell
- using natural scents triggered by keywords
The sense of hearing
- using natural sounds are triggered or recorded
by the user

1.Take a picture of the book using the camera that is located on the back of DotnDot
2.Wait for the DotnDot to make the image 3D
3.Enjoy exploring the features of the DotnDot