Child’s Play

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by DjS

Brikas is a system of modules that can be used to build different constructions. The moduleA can be mounted into is identical in many ways, moduleB is a complement that multiplies the possibilities of construction. With no predefined goals, it's an open-ended,mind-expanding toy made for kids of almost all ages and one that will be used for years.
The modules will be produced in extruded aluminum profiles anodized in different colors,cutted with the edges smoothed.To make a durable toy that can be used many years and even through generations,of low cost and that can be recycled.
3/6-Imagination and interaction are central during these years, the best toys help set the stage for developing these skills. The first stage of brikas includes some images of simple constructions (age oriented) to allow the child to see,imitate,understand,then create his own object. The feeling of achievement is also very important.
6/9-Children have learned the basic dexterity, language,and social skills; now they're eager to practice and refine them, challenging themselves.This second stage of brikas, includes more complex construction examples, and some riddles, construction balance multiplayer games, examples without instructions to follow, timed riddles, etc.
9/14-The efficiency of thought increases,spatial memory,planning and problem solving skills, and scientific reasoning.Following the previous stage, the games adapt to the age’s complexity.More complex and group oriented, online communities to share constructions images,new games proposed by players to let the users be part of the game making a public contribution to its evolution.
Be used in many ways,allow children to determine the play, appeal to children at more than one level of development,build to last and continue to be part of play as develop new interest and skills important for further learning, be used with other toys, and develop a sense of mastery.Patience,problem solving,social skills,creativity.