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Water Well- making the invisible visible

by pauline cheng

Water seems to be plentiful on this planet. However, usable fresh water is very scarce; similar to oil. In particular, water consumption in North America tops the list of domestic water use. For instance, areas in British Columbia offer flat rate billing, reinforcing that perception and resulting in people taking water for granted. My product is to make this invisible use visible. While children in elementary school are actively learning and concerned about sustainability nowadays, educating them about water scarcity is on high priority. Research shows that meter installation in dwellings offers hydro companies an opportunity to increase awareness of water usage. Water Well intends to ensure people have clean water access now and in the future by directly and visually providing information and feedback indicating water usage per day for domestic water use.
Water Well includes a water tracking indicator and an online tracking wizard. The system uses wireless technology to transfer information from the meter to the indicator and to users’ online tracking wizard. The indicator, installed in kitchens or bathrooms, provides information on water consumption and enables users to compare their usage with general population usage. The colour LCD screens showing digital fish that may die as the water levels drop, children are most likely to be reinforcers of water conservancy within a home. It also allows users to become aware of how much water and money they can save-- and many of us are most responsive to cost.
Water Well creates an emotional attachment in the product-user relationship. The online tracking wizard displays economical and worldly association users have to water habitually and guides users through statistics of water consumption regularly, offering water saving suggestions. Users of Water Well, especially children are reminded of the importance of protecting our water through the constant interactive engagement.