Child’s Play

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Kandinsky pillow

by Liliana Romero

It’s a didactic toy for children to 1 to 2 years old, which Hill stimulate the sensomotor intelligence of the child.
Pictoric elements were analyzed using the theory of color, basic geometric figures, and some visual elements: the dot, the line, the contour, the direction, the texture, the scale and the dimension.
It’s a toy inspired in Kandinsky, painter that represents the Bauhaus, the elements which he uses in his paints were used too.
Above the white square you can find few elements, its abstract, this is because only basic geometric figures are used, and each one of them has a color, the triangle (yellow), the square(red), and the circle( blue). The figures are placed in a special direction. This is so that the child can identify the geometric figures, by size and associate them with the same type of figure and the same color.
The design is a pillow of 40 X 40, that has interchangeable pieces, with the colors and geometric basic figures it expresses joy and gives a type of learning in which it entertains the player, by many functions that the toy has, like being able to lie down , sit and play with it.

The toy has 6 pieces (2 squares, 2 triangles and 2 circles), in two different sizes, 4 cm and 5 cm of height, ergonomics for the age of the children.
They are pieces made of pillow filler, the pillow is made of recycle material, with the purpose of helping the environment, in this case is textile.