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The Needs Triage

by ein sof

The Needs Triage provides three phases with which it can help emergency management and the refugee:

1) Firstly, the Needs Triage is a wearable tag that gleans as much essential information as needed from the refugee on registration to the refugee site in order to fulfill basic needs (food, medical, psychological, etc) with the most important needs fulfilled first depending on the person.

2) Secondly, the Needs Triage also keeps track of the number of refugees, whether they are adults, minors, or incapacitated refugees and whether they are nationals or aliens of the country affected. The compiled data also acts as a meta-Needs Triage: it will help determine resource allocation for all areas affected.

3) Finally, the Needs Triage and its information (except confidential information like Medical treatments, handled in its own medical triage) are also online (via QR codes and barcodes) to help people and countries find and connect with their loved ones and countrymen affected by the emergency situation.