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The Help Japan Patch

by HloveGstar

When I first thought of reaching out to Japan I imagined there must be a way for reusing clothing to help. One of my favorite hobbies is to take unused old things and make them animated again. I know the Help Japan effort initiated through Design 21 SDN and in partnership with UNESCO is the place to kindle my desire to use sewing and recycling to help Japan grow again.
I immediately pictured a heart speaking to another heart from across the globe when I pondered the “sentiment, we are with you”. I thought of how how the power of thinking positively is so important when being part of a resolution. Positive thought is taught actively in Japanese culture such as in karmic practice and highly regarded systems of collectivity as well. Effectively Japan proves that treating each other with respect and justly is not to only be perceptually polite but implements kindness as a way to sustain peaceful life. I remembered a strong symbol, the Variant flag of Japan, with energetic rays protruding an offset circle. The Variant flag has a feel like freedom rays are coming from it and I wanted to use that energy in my piece. I took a heart and rays to communicate “you are getting vibrations from the heart”, It also symbolizes Japan quite literally by using elements from their flag. I then visited the thrift stores locally and recycled materials into a patch that can be multipurpose. I believe this process is a good one for a disaster relief because it is resourceful and emanates change with good will from the heart.
The fashion inspiration comes from Japan as a place where fashion and individually can be fun and inclusive. The Heart Ray Patch fits all styles of people and unites any cultural background using love. The patch has a loop in the back so it can be attached in many ways. The usual way patches are worn is on jeans, backpacks, sewn to a favorite shirt or jacket and there are non usual ways too: on belt loops, purse straps, as a hair accessory, on a bike or car, in a bouquet at a business in rock gardens or on a door. It is very soft and when you touch it, it immediately brings affection and caring thoughtfulness to Japan.
Thank you for your consideration,
Hannah Greene-Stark