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by Montserrat Torre
Co-authors: Montserrat Torre, Gerardo Martinez

Life to Japan
Our project consists on giving to the Japanese people a comfortable and natural space where they can do a lot of their daily activities like for example: sleep, eat, read, stay calm and isolated, etc.
Our versatile space has three important characteristics, but we consider that one of those characteristics has a special importance in these moments Japan; and is that we have used different species of cactus around of the door in order to clean the air that enter in the space. Is scientific verified that cactus can get free the air and the ground of pollutants including the nuclear radiation.
Another characteristic is that in case you could get the ETFE to surround the structure, the ETFE can protect you to the nuclear radiation. But in case you can’t get the ETFE you will use plastic that is easy to use and cheap material.
The last characteristic is that this space could be used no just like a house because it offers you a big quantity of possibilities to be used for example: a store, a little clinic, or whatever youlike.