Calling for Power of Design in Action

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save japan

by roberto treviño

Emergency Modulo: The idea of this project is to give users who need a place livable, comfortable, fully functional, using the resources of nature.
• You create a module that will only have to build for living.
• You can be assembled by anyone.
• be adaptable anywhere needed.
• It will have kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dining room and the beds are folding table and to perform other activities.
• a water tank is adapted to filter the water is potable
• It will use solar panels: A solar panel is a module that uses the energy of solar radiation. The term includes the solar collectors used to produce hot water (usually domestic) and photovoltaic panels used to generate electricity.
• It durock material for the structure.
• The china has a drop of water for reuse rainwater.
• Toilet facilities will be optional.