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by Adriana Rodriguez Parra

Our project aims to provide families of victims a "temporary home". This is not to create simple shelters, but are intended to restore intimacy, order and especially the home environment among Japanese families dare a space built with fiberglass plates which are light permeable., Thermal and favor the block outside noise, the space has a square shape, with an area of nine square meters of which are fully exploited since entry, with a hinged door for easy access to the home, the windows are acrylic greater resistance, the space is optimized with folding beds, there is a space where there are chairs and a table, like a dining room but can be used simply as a small room, this space has two furniture that can be used in different ways such as shelves, cupboard in the case of simple mind like kitchen or bookshelf. In the case of electric power required by the building will be provided by solar cells placed on the roof of each "temporary home.
The shape of its colorful houses and the possibility of joining with each other, the metaphor was based on toy blocks.
The house is based on 6 fiberglass plates which are joined only by means of screws and Turkish on each end of the plates forming a simple cube of three meters by three meters of housing development is extremely simple and can be done by any person without prior training.