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Rehabilitation Center

by Carlos Meza Aguilar
Co-authors: Carlos Meza Aguilar, NoƩ Alejandro Quiroz Rodriguez, Jose Luis Torres Oropeza

After the natural disaster in Japan where there were many damages in different areas, we made a proposal in which we try to cover as best as possible the needs of the people who suffered damage both physical and psychological clubs offering services to their needs and requiring attention.
This'll make it through a set of properties on which we have on one side, single or single family properly installed services to meet their main needs in the same building will have a roof with eco sustainable technology which serves as a good thermal insulator, in which people can make outdoor activities as recreational.
As the second element, this function will house the dining room on one side and the other very important and will serve a room to house all the rehabilitation and medical care to those who need it will be a space where people can interact and coexist in a pleasant and comfortable.
The energy required in these buildings will be obtained through solar panels placed on the slab of the second element, enough to power the entire enclosure.
The material which is planning the construction of the project, the panel is W, which is economical and easy to assemble.
The design of two elements that do not interact directly but within the same envelope was thought that way, it is not convenient to bring together the people who need more specialized attention and care to those being treated for reasons other than and when they can interact are in another distinct element in staying.
The proposal covers all the requirements necessary to carry out as it is sustainable, creative and above all attacks a basic necessity for those who suffered damage care, as it can deal with all the necessary care and services they require in their care.