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Medical Supply Center

by Mariana Guadalupe Gutierrez reyes
Co-authors: Victoria Béjar

What is a center for medical supplies?
A supply center is where the medicine is supplied from an area outside to an specific location and then passes the drug to be consumed by users. In this case this Medical Supply Center may be a feasible project and that is adaptable to be placed anywhere on will work as a primary care and public official.

The expectations of this center seeking medical help is that people, especially adult people is dealt with properly, cleanly and with people who really know what they do. This center was developed concerned with the health of the population that has been drastically affected and has not received aid in the health of the victims.

We solve a social problem in this project because people have started to have problems in chronic diseases.

This project is feasible and its construction is fast and doesn´t take so long on building it and within a more or less a week can be ready for immediate use, it is also economic, and which it will consist of a waiting room, two offices and a pharmacy, all these had exterior walls made from "Durock", Drywall partition walls and windows and domes made from Acrylic of different sizes.
The only facilities in this project will be the light energy that is going to be occupied in the waiting room, offices and a pharmacy within 12 hours. As the first 12 hours the building will be illuminate through sunlight (THROUGH PANELS SOLAR) 12 hours remaining for these materials are suitably treated semiconductors, solar radiation falls to produce electricity, using this type of material will be helping the ecosystem through Ecotechnology.

Medical Supply Center is considered a sustainable project because of its economic value which is quite low in terms of construction. Is a project that is needed to solve a problem that affects the health of society and the solution is this. Are meant to serve people in need that has no medication available to them and that sometimes it becomes necessary and urgent.

The project is able to support high temperature (either as heat and cold) because it is made of materials that are used all over the world. Due to the use of solar panels comes to helping the environment is not affected because they use fossil fuels for electricity production.