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by ivette davila
Co-authors: Sandra Ivette Cano Dávila, Cecilia Meneses García

The situation of Japan is kind of hard because it caused a lot of losses to families and their houses. The problematic that appeared of this misfortune is that a lot of people lost everything. One of the most important necessities that have to be covered quickly, it’s of having a space where people can live and stay safety. It wouldn’t be like sating in their own houses, but the most important objective is to have a clean space with privacy to avoid diseases and epidemics.
The social problematic that we want to solve is proposing a department that it could house 4 persons. This space make people live in harmony with others.
This department will be made of a structure of metallic tubes connected and the cover of canvas.
It would have a simple shape, but the impression in the canvas could depend on the likes of the user. With these departments we try to isolate people of toxic waste and radiation.
This project is ecologic because it contents a fluorescent lamp which charges with sun light. This tent is dismantled, so is really easy to assemble without procedures or other tools.
It has a good illumination; it could be translucent or other color to cover from the sun.