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RIHP Pak: Recycled Inflatable Hydration Pack

by ehaglund

The idea behind the RIHP Pak is to utilize used, discarded water bottles from a previous disaster relief effort by recycling them and turning them into the Recycled Inflatable Hydration Packs for use at another disaster relief effort at a later date.

Water bottles that are donated to disaster sites for potable water distribution are collected at the end of their life cycle at one recovery site, recycled and then re-extruded into plastic hydration pack forms that are deflated and flattened. The deflated forms are then rolled together, boxed and shipped anywhere in the world to be easily delivered to a disaster site.

Once delivered, the packs are distributed on site in much the same way that trash bags or grocery store produce bags are dispensed: a deflated pack is pulled from a roll containing hundreds of packs, then it is inflated like a balloon and the water diaphragm is filled, providing a day’s worth of water. The packs are then worn like a backpack throughout the day, providing individual potable water storage.