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The gift of a healing hug

by Paulo Messen

The idea of the can of bandages was to show that a small gift could bring comfort, could heal wounds, could put pieces together, but, most of all, could make us think that we don’t need to do much to help. Small actions done by many can make the difference. Can change lives and can bring support to those who have lost everything. Most of the time a simple and sincere hug can relief pain, can show that someone cares.
The gift is a way to say: It was a disaster. Nothing will make things be as they where. Your loss may be irreplaceable, but life continues and there are good things and good people who share your pain and would like to help and wish you well. I can’t help much, but I can send you a small hug. I can send you a little can where you can save little things that are important to you, that bring you good memories and make you strong. Get well soon.