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JapanAid poster

by Aleksandar Pedovic
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The idea for visual, graphic symbol of the elementary catastrophe in Japan is very simple - as a symbol of Japan - flag with the red circle with a single, simple language that symbol speaks volumes ...
The basic element is just a red circle from the flag, which clearly indicates that the viewer comes to Japan. The red circle is visually distorted in two ways that depicted current events in Japan: the first is in the top half of the circle, which in this case the land, slightly moved as a result of the earthquake, and the contour of the circle seen "blur", and the lower half of the circle that symbolizes that the island nation surrounded by sea - water, and the contour is "corrugated", which is a Tsunami ...
The purpose of the poster is defined by an inscription in the lower zone "JapanAid" which can be used worldwide as a symbol to help the people of Japan.