Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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by Garima Panika


“A brilliant, burning sun rises above the newborn land, aiming toward a new century, raising the curtain on a new stage of humanity's history. Shedding its lights equally on all things, it seeks the sky's distant midpoint.” – Daisaku Ikeda

In this design, a wave of people emerge from all over the world, moving forward towards the center of the Japanese flag and the center within themselves, to create hope and rebuild Japan through their steady efforts.

Even in the face of severe crises, rather than promoting fear, this greeting card is about negotiating challenges, and facing them as one world, guided by a vision of hope and our common humanity.

Different civilizations have cultivated diverse kinds of wisdom and this is the time to pool those wisdoms for the sake of solving problems confronting Japan right now and work as one global family.

“ I’m with you” translates into creating the vision of a broad solidarity that transcends ethnic, religious and ideological differences and working for peace and happiness of each individual and for society as a whole.

The ramps across the greeting card encourage dialogue and mutual understanding and exchange of ideas to actualize the unlimited potential and unbound possibility to transform the land of Japan into a land of peace, hope, courage, solidarity and transformation.