Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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I'm with you

by tfncruz

My concept is based on pairs of persons sitting on street benches, accompanied by the verbal message “I’m with you”. The notion of company, empathy, understanding, support, help, etc., are transmitted by not only the fact of being two individuals but also by the “silent” dialogue between the two, reinforced by the type of drawing. Very simple, non figurative, and exploring the line as a metaphor to connect these two persons like if they were made equally.

The image is read from left to right and explores the horizontal middle axis. The gives not only a sense of balance, but a “look forward”, to the future, too. With this in mind, the notion of hope and optimism is a clear statement.

Here I present two variations and a close-up of the typography. These variations are on the use (or not) of the red contour around the individuals reinforcing the connection between them and making a reference to the Japan identity exploring the red and white.

The linguistic sign “I’m with you” is presented in "Leitura Sans", a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Dino dos Santos (Portugal). The drawings are handmade with black ink and red Ecoline.