Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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by Gyöngyi

I was inspired by the Japanese flag when designing these greeting cards. This fine, simple style attracts the designer. Such a simple and modest language rightly symbolizes the culture and lifestyle of this country. Simplicity, puritanism, modesty, these are the keywords, which link up the picture formed of Japan and Japanese people.
In my design I used the red circle of the Japanese flag. I find it extremely exiting to express ideas using such a simple symbol. Because, the point of design is to give brief answer for complicated and complex questions. On my greeting cards you can see only a hand and a red circle.The red circle symbolizes Japan. I put the circle into several situations and sometimes even changed the form. The hand holds the circle not to fall down, or fall apart or come off the flag. Just as the text indicates: "I'm with you".