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life journey

by 617


The design theme is about life’s journey, which is represented by the colorful spiral. The feature of the spiral is that no matter how winding it is, the trend is still going up, which is just like our life journey. No matter what difficulties you are facing now, it is okay to slow down or rest while keep the faith in our deep heart. During the journal, we will come across a lot of things and people, which is showed on the colorful spiral. Life is so colorful and the design aims to encourage users to experience the life fully. The drawing uses a comical way, creating a friendly and engaging atmosphere. The whole card is simple, clean and easy to understand. ‘seeing is deceiving, dreaming id believing’, ‘ it is hard to follow your heart’, ‘just be true to who you really are’ is taking from the song named ‘who you are’ from Jessie j.