Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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"We are here. With you."

by Sandra Nieh


The main goal of this design is to portray the world's mission upon learning of the deadly disaster that struck Japan and its people--to give a helping hand. The two hands locked together serve as the symbol of unity in this time of chaos, to show that the victims of this tragedy are not alone. Strength comes from the encouragement given by others, and thus the citizens of Japan can feel that they are supported by everyone else in the rest of the world, even though we may be complete strangers. I hope our utmost prayers can be sent across the sea to the people in Japan.
I tried to make the phrase as short as possible, because I believe our feelings should be clear and simple--the Japanese citizens can depend on us, and although we are not physically there with them, our hearts are. Just because we cannot see the situation with our own eyes, it does not mean we are not affected by the misfortune that has endowed upon Japan. Every news to hear of Japan's strong recovery from the disaster is just as important to us as it is to them. I hope that with this clear and simple design I am able to convey the message I intended to get across--We are aware of Japan's situation, and are here to help.