Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

Competition Details

Set of greeting cards with a spark of happiness and warmth

by alexa wood

Since Japan just went through a very difficult time, and a lot are in sorrow, having financial problems due to their loss, dealing with loss of family members or even just having their spirits and emotions brought down… I felt that it was very important to brighten up their day with a simple note.

For my greeting cards I wanted to stress the importance of happiness, and looking to the future not the past. In a situation like this it is very important to not dwell on what has happened, even though it is bound to happen. I wanted to keep the cards very simple and to the point.

When choosing the backgrounds, I made sure that they were very subtle. I wanted them soft, to give a feeling of care, compassion and thoughtfulness. Since Japan is very much into the cute aspect of objects, I wanted to touch on that with the different faces on the front of each card. I added hearts to each of the cards to show love and imply that those sending cards are sending some of themselves to the Japanese as well. When placing the text I wanted it in the center to show the importance of the connection of the text and image together, reiterating the message. I didn’t want other elements to distract away from the message, but keeping the viewers eye specifically placed on one area of the card. Also, the word you is italicized. This was in order to stress that we are specifically with them and no one else, it adds to the personal message rather than to the entire population of Japan. The inside is reserved for the writer, or the one sending the card so that they can add their own personal message to accompany the front.

Overall, the card states happiness, cuteness, being with one another and having complete concern for one another. The outcome that I wish to happen is when they receive this card is they will not only feel loved or thought of, but their thoughts will be brought up, they will grow a smile on their face and their heart will be lifted up and filled with joy. They will gain hope for the future and realize that they are not at the end of the road, but just at the beginning of their new life.