Japan Earthquake Relief: “I’m with you!”message greeting cards

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"I'm with You" Origami

by ymistry

When someone experiences so much loss the simple things in life mean the most.

Warm thoughts and sentiments are appreciated but the recipient of a card may still feel as though the card giver doesn't understand what he/she is going through. The card giver hasn't experienced the same sense of loss and thus can't possibly relate to the situation. When people are struck by disaster they feel singled out and alone. Thus while the sentiments expressed in a card are nice, the pre-printed words inside may feel empty and meaningless to the receiver.

While nothing can truly counteract these emotions, the hand-made quality of these cards, the paper, texture and homemade aesthetic, are all meant to evoke a child-like innocence, which cannot be denied. This series of cards uses pairs of images to convey the idea that "I'm with you" and that "you are not alone." The flat origami card was designed to be universal and convey a child-like innocence. It feels genuine, as though made by a friend or loved one. The interior is blank to leave room for any personalized sentiments, or simply for a signature and to let the image speak for itself.